Sex trisome

Children inherit disabling illnesses. Men make all decisions affecting her health. Dropping a branch of this family from the studies may result in a reported disease incidence which is lower than family experience indicates. It appears my kinship group is suffering from clusters of rare recessive genes. It would be nice to think this is the only incidence of a polygamist group practicing incest as a religious rite. They are coming out of polygamous communities proliferating in Utah because Mormons are unable to face their history or follow sound marriage and childbirth practices. It takes maturity to face the truth, especially if the truth is painful and challenges the family tradition and religious belief structure.

Sex trisome

Within Mormonism, large families are coveted and honored. I doubt Mormon descendants of polygamy are healthier than non-Mormons. To date Mormons have only paid lip service to stopping polygamy. Breeding within, as Mormons did, endogamous polygamy, is virtually never practiced. These groups are white supremacists, and inbreeding is an essential doctrine in keeping the bloodline pure. Alongside the medical tragedy, other social and legal problems emerge. Removed from school like so many polygamy children, she told social workers she wanted to finish high school. These same articles suggest the Utah population is healthier than similar non-Mormon populations. This is why the state and federal government enacted legislation against polygamy. Epidemiology is the study of the spread, prevention and control of disease in a community or group of persons. I think I owe my children and all children who risk becoming the next unwitting victims of this tragic genetic legacy, the best information regarding the prevention of this lethal family inheritance that I can find. Nearly all the Mormon founding families were relatives, so the first polygamists enjoyed relations to different degrees when the divine experiment began. Not only were there possibly too few fathers making it easier for defects to clump in the large interrelated kindred but succeeding generations of children from these isolated rural Mormon towns married within a few kindred as well. The Mormons, well known for genealogical record keeping, maintain birth, marriage and death information at church libraries and now on the Internet. We are hierarchy children. There are a limited number of health care dollars. This weekend visit with my cousins was a perfect end to the school year. Grant determined to keep marrying until he found a woman to bear him living sons. Gradually, I realized the practice of polygamy, especially in Mormondom, might be a prescription for genetic disease. They offer no support, no exit route, and no programs for the people trapped inside polygamy endeavoring to escape these closed polygamous communities, or compounds. I began to think polygamy might be a genetically unsound marriage practice. The early blue summer sun warmed our backs, not too hot, just right. This means it may be genetically unwise for children of the early leaders to marry other children of early leaders, even now; yet, this tendency still exists in Mormonism. A fraud scheme organized to promote the wealth of the Kingston men at the expense of all men, women and children who are not blood. Not one defect, but many. Mormon descendants of monogamy are probably healthier than a similar non-Mormon population because of their good health habits.

Sex trisome

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    This is the equivalent of a religious rationalization for the practice of incest. As bad as this past is, the mounting evidence is far worse.


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