Sex at the swimming pool

Thats supposed to be a big warning they tell u about in ur first visits. You had one of your legs wrapped around my waist pulling me close. You weren't playing like the first time. Then I got up on my knees and lifted your ass so it was as high as my cock. I kissed your neck, ears, shoulders, and back. Eagerly I slid my trunks down and kicked them off. You started bucking up and down on me and within minutes your second orgasm came. You put your arms around my neck.

Sex at the swimming pool

You held your bikini top against your chest and leaned up on your elbow. You were really mad. He handed to me and I immediately opened it. You started bucking up and down on me and within minutes your second orgasm came. I was loving it. When I walked in, all the lights were off. We were face to face looking at each other. You turned around and looked at me. As soon as my hands left your legs, you let out a "not again" sigh. It's good to hear that I'm not the only one that has a sex drive still! Then you rolled over and looked me right in the eye. I was told it's all bad pregnant or not by my obgyn. Now I slowed down, sliding my cock in and out very slowly. Do you want me to rub some on? It was a guttural, hungry growl that I had never heard come out of your mouth before. A very audible, "ooohhhh" slipped from your mouth. It's you that wants the swimming pool lovin! I was like a jackhammer. You opened your beautiful brown eyes and smiled brightly. You were grinding hard and starting to moan. I laid it back and revealed you incredibly hot ass. I knew you wouldn't really go fuck all those college boys, but the thought of watching you do it was pretty enticing. I'm a FTM so I wouldn't know what to tell you I put a thick layer on the back of each leg then started to rub it in. For the last two hours you have been torturing me.

Sex at the swimming pool

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    I sat down and spooned you. I had a bulge in my swim trunks and you had wetness between your legs—not to mention the sun beating down on your bare ass.


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